18 January 2021

UK Based Maths Tutor

From 8 – 16 years old

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Sometimes the work you do in school just doesn’t quite make sense. Teachers are keen to tell you that they need to work at a blistering pace to get everything covered, which can leave you behind. Sound familiar?

Don’t panic! Help is at hand through individual maths tutoring from the comfort of your own home, where you control the pace, the content, the entire experience.

A truly bespoke experience, whether you are looking for face to face or online tutoring at KS3 or GCSE level.

  • LT

    Jon has been a star in working out the way forward for helping us especially during lockdown.  He has been flexible and worked with the schoolwork that my son's school has sent. Jon has worked with him so that my son understands the work and can grasp it. 

  • NM

    Jon has supported my daughter who has been experiencing problems with her Maths at her current school.
    He is patient and provides a constructive and reassuring atmosphere when he is teaching.
    He is flexible and very punctual.

  • DT

    Kind, patient and trustworthy. Mr. Glover has been tutoring our son for 8 months and during that time we have seen a massive improvement in our child's confidence and he has really made a difference in improving our child's grades at school. Jon has started giving feedback after each lesson which is always appreciated, thank you.

  • AG

    Great tutor, very patient with excellent teaching style. Maths no longer a chore.

  • MC

    Jon tutors my daughter in GCSE Maths. It was important for us to find a tutor who was going to know his stuff but also be reliable and friendly. This is Jon.

    I'm pleased to say that, after my daughter's school knocked all confidence out of her, Jon has managed to restore it. I would highly recommend Jon. 10/10

  • GS

    We have been very pleased with the tuition Jon has provided, he has been flexible with his time and our daughter has really benefited from the Jons learning platform.

  • AT

    Jon, is such a lovely gentleman, very very trustworthy, always on time as well. My daughter gets really gets on well with him and respects him and has learnt so much from him, which school was not teaching her.

  • VE

    A very thorough, honest & pleasant man. Our child has progressed so much since using Mr Glover.

  • JP

    (Tutee) did a test yesterday in school and scored 39 out of 40. I asked him what was different and how he managed to do so well and he said that he followed Jon's tips and it all made more sense.

  • JC

    Jon has been working with our daughter for a few weeks and her confidence has already increased massively. Jon can make learning fun and she looks forward to his sessions. He is always on time and his feedback emails after each session are a great way of seeing how our Daughter is progressing.

Overall rating from all received reviews. Last updated 16th May 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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